RecoMadeEasy Embedded AudioVisual Recognition Engine by Recognition Technologies, Inc.
  • AudioVisual Recognition
    (Combination of Speaker, Speech, Face Recognition, and Object Detection and Recognition with a single interface)
    Server Based

  • Speaker Recognition
    (Language- and Text-Independent, aka: Speaker Biometrics, Voice Biometrics, or SIV)
    Recipient: Frost & Sullivan Award 2011
    Server Based


    The Speaker Recognition (Voice Biometrics or SIV) system is capable of operating in the following 6 modalities, Speaker Identification, Speaker Verification, Speaker Classification, Speaker Detection, Speaker Tracking and Speaker Segmentation.

    This is our own award-winning state-of-the-art language and text-independent speaker recognition system (voice biometrics system) which has been developed to work in different environments. The engine runs on most Linux distributions as well as Apple Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows. Large-Scale and Small-Scale versions of this speaker identification and speaker verification (SIV) engine have been developed over many years of research to work in the telephony as well as stand-alone environments. This speaker biometric engine may be customized to fit your exact needs including special modifications to fit the operating environment in which your related applications run. Our staff has been actively involved in defining speaker recognition (speaker biometric or voice biometrics) standards in the VoiceXML, ANSI, and ISO communities by providing detailed consultation to the VoiceXML, M1, and ISO committees involved in defining the speaker verification and identification standards.

    The telephony version of this product complements our IVR product in allowing higher levels of security by doing speaker verification and identification on the telephone for authentication and access-level control. This product is in its general availability stage and it may also be customized to your needs by our expert research team. This engine provides a C++ API as well as web, Android, iOS, and command-line interfaces.

  • Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition
    Available for English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and German
    Also Available in Bilingual Spanish-English, Mandarin-English, Arabic-English, and German-English
    (Customizable domain full transcription ~ 240,000+ word vocabulary)
    Server Based

  • Face Recognition
    (face detection and recognition)
    Server Based

  • Object Recognition
    (object detection and recognition)
    Server Based

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    (Graph-based logic, easily configured)
    Product Details

  • Automatic Language Proficiency Rating (ALPR)
    (Multi-lingual automated language proficiency rating)

  • Signature Recognition
    Status: Advanced Development Stage

  • Keystroke Recognition
    Status: Research Stage

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