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RecoMadeEasy®Android Speech and Speaker Diarization run locally with no need for servers or cloud service -- 300,000 unique words and thousands of speaker models realtime
RecoMadeEasy®Realtime CPU-based Object Detection running on a laptop with no server or cloud supprot, applied on a random youtube video
RecoMadeEasy®Local CPU-Based Object Detection and Face Recognition -- No Server or GPU Needed -- please watch consequent videos a well
RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Multi-Dialect English Speech Recognition plus Speaker Recognition
CES 2018: Bosch shows off our RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition, and Face Recognition engines in their intelligent in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) implementation on a GM Cadillac SUV, at the CES 2018
Multi-Factor with Multi-Modal Biometric Access Control Demo using RecoMadeEasy® engines
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  • AudioVisual Recognition
    (Combination of Speaker, Speech, Face Recognition, and Object Detection and Recognition with a single interface)
    Server Based

  • Speaker Recognition
    (Language- and Text-Independent, aka: Speaker Biometrics, Voice Biometrics, or SIV)
    Recipient: Frost & Sullivan Award 2011
    Server Based

  • Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition
    Available for English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and German
    Also Available in Bilingual Spanish-English, Mandarin-English, Arabic-English, and German-English
    (Customizable domain full transcription ~ 240,000+ word vocabulary)
    Server Based

  • Face Recognition
    (face detection and recognition)
    Server Based

  • Object Recognition
    (object detection and recognition)
    Server Based
    Embedded Object Recognition


    RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Object Recognition is an embedded image and video recognition engine that offers comprehensive object detection and object recognition. The engine has a small memory footprint and is designed to run natively on devices that seek high recognition accuracy in the presence of service interruption or when full, uninterrupted and secure access to a cloud server is not guaranteed.

    The RecoMadeEasy® Object Recognition engine has been developed in our research labs in New York. When presented with a video stream or set of images, the engine via the API returns its results in the form of XML or JSON. The results include the timestamp where an object has been detected and Label of the object in that image. It is also capable of learning new object when presented with a Tag at enrollment.

    The RecoMadeEasy® Object Reocgnition engine is also available as a server-side and a standalone product. It provides object detection, object identification, and facial verification from still images and video streams. It supports all standard image and video formats such as png, jpeg, gif, mp2, mp4, .mov, etc.

    Supported Operating Systems

      The RecoMadeEasy® Embedded Object Recognigtion engine is available for the following operating systems. The C++ SDK, command-line interface, and web services may be used in any of the following systems:

    Embedded Operating Systems:

    • Android (aarch64 -- armv8a)(Latest)
    • Ubuntu 22.04 Mate Linux (aarch64)(Latest)

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    (Graph-based logic, easily configured)
    Product Details

  • Automatic Language Proficiency Rating (ALPR)
    (Multi-lingual automated language proficiency rating)

  • Signature Recognition
    Status: Advanced Development Stage

  • Keystroke Recognition
    Status: Research Stage

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