RecoMadeEasy Embedded AudioVisual Recognition Engine by Recognition Technologies, Inc.
  • AudioVisual Recognition
    (Combination of Speaker, Speech, Face Recognition, and Object Detection and Recognition with a single interface)
    Server Based

    This is a multi-modal system using a combination of face and speech in order to recognize a candidate and to perform full diarization of the media. The result is a JSON, XML, Text, or HTML response, containing timestamps signifying the points in time when a speaker change is detected, with the identity of the speaker at each segment, according to the vocal and facial characteristics of the speaker. A fusion of the audio and visual results is provided, as well as individual results coming from each individual engine. The transcription is also provided within each segment. For the identity, as well as the speaker and facial recognition, more than one possible result is returned with corresponding scores and confidences, sorted by the score. In summary, the engine is capable of doing verification and identification based on both speech and face, face detection, speaker segmentation, and speech transcription. It is a marriage of our award-winnnig speaker recognition engine (voice biometrics engine) with our face recognition engine. We provide a C++ API as well as web, Android, iOS, and command-line interfaces.

  • Speaker Recognition
    (Language- and Text-Independent, aka: Speaker Biometrics, Voice Biometrics, or SIV)
    Recipient: Frost & Sullivan Award 2011
    Server Based

  • Large-Vocabulary Speech Recognition
    Available for English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and German
    Also Available in Bilingual Spanish-English, Mandarin-English, Arabic-English, and German-English
    (Customizable domain full transcription ~ 240,000+ word vocabulary)
    Server Based

  • Face Recognition
    (face detection and recognition)
    Server Based

  • Object Recognition
    (object detection and recognition)
    Server Based

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    (Graph-based logic, easily configured)
    Product Details

  • Automatic Language Proficiency Rating (ALPR)
    (Multi-lingual automated language proficiency rating)

  • Signature Recognition
    Status: Advanced Development Stage

  • Keystroke Recognition
    Status: Research Stage

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